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"I really enjoyed this activity week, because the slime was hand-made and the mess was fun!! The Arabic-art was exciting because the colouring was exciting!!"
H and S. Talbi - Children

"I wanted to thank you so much for this week activity. My children loved it and really enjoyed every part of it. May Allah reward you for organising it and jazaka allahu khayre. (Mum)"
"I really loved this week with my teachers and classmates, my favourite time (was the) creative writing."
M. Shabani - Child
"I enjoyed the activities week so much, I enjoyed doing everything!"
M.Malik - Child
"Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,
I just want to say Jazaakumullaahu khayran to the Director and Headteacher of UMTA for organising the activities week. My children and my nephews really loved every activity and they are already looking forward to the next one in the summer break.
May Allah reward you all for the hard work and dedication.
BaarakAllahu feekum Souleymane Diallo Assalaamu alaykum"
S. Diallo - Parent
"Asalamoalaikum wa rehmatullahi wa baraakatuhu
It’s been a great pleasure to bring the children for the activity week. Without any doubt, my children really loved it and enjoyed it. Also they were really happy to make new friends alhumdulilha. They already looking forward for next half term activity week.
I can’t be enough grateful to Allah SWT for this and really thankful for the brothers and sisters who organised it. May Allah SWT reward them immensely and their families
Jazak Allah Khair for the opportunity. Looking forward for next half term activity week.
Salamulaikum wa rehmatullahi Mother of Eesa, Abdullah and Zainab Sabri"
“My children enrolled to Unique Madrasah & Tuition Academy September 2019, on joining I was skeptical as I had bad experience previous to this.
On our introduction with the Ustadh (Nooruddeen), I had explained that my child had speech delay, his reassurance had put me at ease with his caring manner, explained all along how he was going to deliver and it was very structured and professional.
It’s been over year and honestly can not of asked for better Ustadh for my son.
I hear my son recite in the correct tajweed, it is so over whelming, credit goes to the Ustadh!
Unique Madrasah & Tuition Academy is unique (The name says it all) the Ustadh is passionate on delivering, his morals, nurturing and his belief on the correct value is second to none. He is a credit to profession.”
Parent 1 with 2 children
“With the changes that have occurred this year...UMTA has continued to support our family and the high level of quality Quran and Islamic teaching that we have become accustomed to that has not diminished despite the challenges that UMTA faced.”
Parent 2 with 3 children
“I am happy with the excellent education UMTA provides. They have supported me in enhancing my knowledge…”
"I always wanted to master the Quran since my childhood, but I always give up due to many circumstances. But at the moment I decided to do it, and I am really lucky to be part of UMTA students , despite my financial situation due to the pandemic that almost made me to stop my studies. The madrassah gave me an opportunity to continue my studies, and the teaching is above my expectations and I am really grateful and satisfied with the program. Thanks to ustadh Nurrideen for everything you taught me so far, and thank you very much for your understanding regarding my situation. May Allah rewards you with all the great work and motivation you are giving me to continue reading the Quran. The Madrassah deserves to be among the best, may Allah fulfil your desire and vision that you have planned for the school. Jazaakumullahu Khairan Baarakallaahu feekum."
A Madi - Adult Student
"Where do I begin with Unique Madrasa weekend school! We literally found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. My daughter is 4 years old and has been attending the weekend school for a year now, even though this has been a turbulent year due to Covid-19, the school has always kept us well informed. My daughter has formed strong friendships with teachers and children. As she enters her school, she is warmly greeted by a member of staff who doesn't fall short in asking her about her week. She then walks into a classroom that inspires her, it's well organised and has all the appropriate resources needed to enhance her islamic knowledge, character and arabic language. Her teachers are kind, merciful, caring and most of all wonderfully creative. She comes home every week with art work that doesn't cease to amaze me. Her homework is always marked on time and delivered to her on time. The price might be higher than other local weekend schools, however I can honestly say, the activities (cooking, trips to the park, creative arts) and professionalism the school offers is of the highest quality. My daughter will undoubtedly be staying here for years to come. I recommend Unique Madrasa to every parent."
Ummu J Amini - Parent
"UMTA madrassa is the best place to learn about Islam and also helps to motivate to learn by heart Surah with true Tajweed."
A Ali - Student
"I am happy with the excellent education UMTA provides. They have supported me in enhancing my knowledge of Islam."
K Mohamed - Student